8 Proven Ways of Marketing Your Business

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The AdWeek publication recently made an interesting discovery: 81% of consumers prefer to see a company’s website before they purchase a product or service. Some prospective customers usually decide to visit certain websites directly. They may do this following a link seen on social media, a blog post they read or after getting an email marketing campaign ad. However, 60% of buyers, who are the majority, visit a website after entering keywords into a search engine. Hence, it is important to consider several ways of marketing your business.

You need to remember that, if prospective clients don’t see your website using online searches or other ways, you will not get much traffic for your business. This means you are not building your business. It is simply not growing. What’s the take away here? There’s little point in building a website that you have no time to promote.


Website Success: How is it Measured?

You can utilize certain key metrics to measure how successful your website is. You can use such factors as conversion rates, keywords, and traffic sources. Yet, what is the most important factor to determine the success of your website? It is measured in how much traffic your website is getting. If, after all, no one is visiting your site, then all the other metrics are undoubtedly irrelevant.

However, it all depends on what kind of business you are running. The size of your business matters a lot in this regard. Take this as a case study: Many B2B corporates with between 11 to 25 workers usually get an average of about 269 visitors every week. In comparison, many same-size B2C companies generally receive 685 unique visitors. It all depends on how well you do in promoting your website. If you do it well, it will reach that range of traffic. For you to succeed, you must be a smart planner. Consider these eight proven ways to ensure your website is well promoted. This will also help you in all areas of your business also you can check https://www.shopify.com/market


8 Simple Ways to Promote a New Website:


Social Media

One of the greatest ways to promote a new website is near at hand: Facebook and Twitter. These two popular sites have about one billion users each! While using these, make sure you provide a link to your homepage in your social media bios or posts. You can also offer a link to other website pages that you use.  This depends on the nature of your content. You should also use smart ways to grow an email list on Facebook.



Remarkably, about 1 million people use YouTube monthly. YouTube is, therefore, a natural place to promote your website. After all, who does not like videos? No wonder, YouTube has become enormously popular. When you create a video, make sure to incorporate a call-to-action. This should link back to your website. When you do this, your viewers will have a good reason to return to your site.


Guest Blogging

You need to identify the major websites in your niche market. Offer to prepare for the guest blogs. In your blog, include a link that leads to your website. This can be at the bio at the article’s end. It’s even possible to learn the basics of content marketing if you don’t consider yourself as one who can write well. Also, you can hire a good writer to do this for you.


Email Signature

You are always free to include a link leading to your homepage if you want to promote it. You can also link to a certain landing page. However, if you link to your homepage, you should ensure it works just like a landing page does.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is generally a complex process. It involves optimizing your website using keywords. If done well, SEO greatly improves search engine ranking. To succeed, you need to offer authoritative content. You also need to increase links to your website. Ensure these are quality links. Once you do everything really well, your website can rank to the top of search results following particular keywords. In case you are not sure about the exact keywords that you need to use, you can search online for the most appropriate keywords useful for your business marketing.


Email Marketing

How will email marketing help you succeed? This strategy is all about growing a list of contacts. After preparing the list, you need to segment it to appeal to various groups. To encourage subscribers to stay engaged, you need to offer really valuable content. Remember, in the email call-to-action, make sure you offer a link back to your website. Publish fresh material regularly to encourage regular, repeated visitors to troop to your new website.



You can now create paid ads. These should be attached to the search engines. If you want to get the most popular category of these, then you need to use Google AdWords. In this strategy, you can ‘inform’ Google how much you want to spend as long as someone clicks on the ad you created. This is usually called pay-per-click advertising. However, ensure that your ad is linked to a landing page. This page needs to match the copy found in the ad.



Retargeting is a cookie-based technology. This technology involves the introduction of a special code on your new website. How does this technology work? It works in a fairly simple manner: Each time a visitor comes to your website the code links a cookie to his browser. After this, it becomes possible to display your website ads on several sites on the web. This makes sure that the visibility of your site is increased. Ultimately, this greatly promotes the products and services that you offer.



It calls for very careful thought, planning and consideration to promote a new website for business marketing. But the fruits are sweet. When the traffic to your website increases, this leads to increased sales and higher profitability. As a first step, find the right domain name. Choose good hosting for the website. If you follow the eight steps above, you can ensure success for your website and business marketing.


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