Are electric cars more eco friendly? Let’s talk about the basics of electric motors

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are electric cars eco friendly

As time has been going on, electric cars have been a bigger and bigger trend all over the world. People have finally started realizing that the threats of global warming are serious and can have serious consequences, and because of that they are more and more proactive and willing to make changes in their life that will affect the Planet in a better way.

Electric cars are one of the easiest things that people can do, as well as get rid of single-use plastic, as a change, especially if you are someone that drives a fair amount on a daily bases. However, people took the fact that electric cars are better for the environment and went with it, without putting too much effort into figuring out whether there are any downsides to them.

Now that there are so many new models of electric cars available, people have started to ask the question, are electric cars more eco friendly?

If you are willing to give an electric car a shot, but you also want to make sure that you are not harming the environment, then we suggest you keep on reading this article because we are going to try and answer this question for you.



The effects of battery production on the environment

One of the biggest things that have been put into question is battery production and the effect that this process has on the environment. There is actually so much discussion over this, that it is one of the very first arguments that people have against electric cars.

There is research that shows that some of the chemicals that are necessary for the creation of their batteries, as well as their extraction and manipulation, can really add on to the carbon emissions.

However, some of these research also shows that the countries that produce these batteries most often have a very high level of impact on emissions as well. The biggest problem that has been found is that the whole emission problem in the manufacturing level of the production of electric cars has a lot more to do with the practices that the companies are using, as opposed to the actual materials.

The next step here would be for manufacturers all over the world to take on American or European techniques which will make things better, but as of right now, the production of batteries is on par with the level of pollution that you would get from the manufacturing process of regular diesel or petrol engines.


The lifetime difference in terms of emissions

The next thing that we are going to be taking a look when talking about some electric cars advantages and disadvantages has to do with the difference between the emissions that one of these cars will create in their lifetime when compared to their diesel and petrol counterparts. And in this case, we have to say that it is pretty easy to see that electric cars have a very clear advantage.

Even if they do produce more emissions during the manufacturing process, the fact is that once they are up and running they create pretty much no emissions whatsoever. So, we can say that the bulk of emissions that they will produce during their lifetime is in the manufacturing process, which is not too bad.

When looking at petrol and diesel engines, we can see that they have been steadily reducing their emissions for the last almost 20 years, however, that still doesn’t really compare to electric cars because they produce pretty much no running emissions, which are emissions that are made once the car starts running.

Another thing to consider here is that the production of electric cars is just now getting more and more popular, and that means that over the next few years this type of production will become more and more widespread, the recycling process of the batteries will be much more simplified and so on, which means that even this part of the production will be better with time.


Fossil fuel use

Another downside of electric cars is the fact that in a lot of places over the world people are using different kinds of fossil fuels to power their cars, which at the end of the day is very bad. There is no argument against this, and instead, this is an area where people really need to focus on finding a solution.

We have the necessary evidence that electric cars do not produce any running emissions and that alone is a very good reason as to why they are the cars of the future.

Now, the next goal should be for fossil fuels to be eliminated. Some of the biggest manufacturing car companies in the world are also catching up and admitting that these cars are the future and are bringing out their own models, which makes us hopeful that this downside will be solved as well as time goes by.

When we have enough proof to show us that electric cars are the future, there really is no reason for us to keep picking them apart in order to find out whether electric cars are eco-friendly or not. The production processes are getting better and better, and that gives us a lot of hope that in the next few years we will get to a point where one of these cars will be produced with no emissions.

Until then, we just have to make sure to keep encouraging people to keep switching to electric cars and take advantage of the fact that there are no running emissions, and hopefully, this article helps you see why.

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