Best Eco Friendly Brands for inspiration when starting a Sustainable Store

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If you are starting a business in today’s day and age, one of the things that you have to make sure is that you are doing everything you can in order to take your brand in the right steps.

More and more customers are staying clear of brands that don’t care about the environment and making sure that you are an eco-friendly brand can really make all the difference in the world.

However, starting a business is hard enough without having to think about how to make it as green as possible, and a lot of business owners are looking for inspiration in brands that are already doing everything they can to push their brands in the right direction and succeeding at it.

In order to help you out, today we are going to take a look at some of the best eco friendly brands for inspiration and that are considered to be some of the most successful, so make sure to keep reading if you want to find out more about them.



This first brand may come as a shock because most people don’t relate huge brands with being green, however Ikea is one of the brands that is making a real commitment when it comes to being more eco-friendly.

Everyone knows about Ikea and has probably shopped in there at least once, and because of that a lot of you may not believe that a brand that has such cheap quality products and that relies on people to make replacements is actually committed to this, however, there is clear evidence. They have put in place an initiative that runs company-wide and aims to reduce the brand’s reliance on harmful energy sources.

For example, most of their stores and headquarters are already running on solar energy and they only sell LED light options for all of their products that require lights, and they have decided to do this because LED lights are much more energy-efficient. Probably one of the biggest things that they do, that most people don’t know about, is the fact that Ikea also supports wind farms, which is a great source of clean energy.

When you take a look at all of this and keep in mind that they are one of the biggest companies in the world, it is easy to see that they are taking some impressive initiatives and making a lot of effort to take the business and its impact in the right direction.


If there is something that most people have a problem with when it comes to the fashion world it is definitely fur and leather. And while more and more people have been steering away from fur, the leather industry still remains a big problem. Yes, there is now vegan leather which is cruelty-free, but the fact remains that producing it is really bad for the environment.

Nisolo has tried to do their best to come up with a solution that will allow them to create products that are made from leather, while also being environmentally and animal conscious. They are offering leather products that are made with better practice. Their animals are all treated ethically and don’t live in horrible conditions as is the case with most meat factories and tanneries.

Any waste that they get during the creation process is handled as environmentally conscious as possible and they are constantly working on ways to minimize it. Their employees are also treated well and they get high paychecks as well as full benefits, which is another big problem when it comes to mass-producing leather goods.

No matter what you personally think about leather items and whether you would purchase them or not, you have to admit that Nisolo is an eco-friendly brand to be inspired by and it is easy to see that they are taking some great steps in the right direction.

Alternative apparel

Nowadays, the fashion industry is under a microscope, probably more than any other industry, and that means that apparel brands have really had to change the way that they work, and a great example of an eco-friendly brand to be inspired by is Alternative Apparel. This is a brand that is best known for a few different things.

The first is that they use 70% sustainable materials and processes in order to make their clothing, which is an incredible way to really create something while also caring about the environment. Second, the brand is completely fair trade and eco-friendly, and they also do their part to support the local economy, and since they are based in LA, that means that they are doing their part for the LA economy.

They also have great sustainable stores to inspire your business if you are planning to start brick and mortar stores and we definitely suggest checking them out in person if you are able to do so. One last thing that we will mention about this brand is that they use organic cotton in all of their garments and apart from helping out the economy in their “home base” they also do their best to help out in the countries where they have their products made.

Sustainability is the word of the moment, but unlike other trends that come and go, this is one that we hope is here to stay because it is one that can really make a huge difference.

We hope that by reading this article for were able to get inspired by eco-friendly businesses that are already doing their part and that you are able to see that there are definitely ways for you to make it happen as well.

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