Electric cars predictions – The latest rumors and forecast from the electric car market

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The global crisis that we are dealing with right now in terms of climate change has really made a lot of people think about what they can do in order to help the Planet, but still have access to the things that they are used to. The electric car has been one of those solutions for a lot of people, especially people that spend a lot of time in their cars on a day to day bases.

And as time is going by it is getting clearer and clearer that the electric car is here to stay, which is great news. But when we live in an ever-changing world it is difficult to know what will stay and what won’t, and because of that we rely heavily on reports from professionals which allow us to get a better idea of what is to come.

Today we are going to dive into the near future of the electric car by taking a look at some electric cars predictions, so make sure to keep reading if you are interested to learn more about this topic.


The playing field in battery production is changing

If you have done any research on electric cars and the batteries that go in them, then you probably know that the battery remains one of the biggest problems with electric cars. Another thing that is important to know about the batteries is that, right now, there are only a handful of manufacturers that actually produce them, and most of those producers are based in Asia.

This is a little bit of a problem because they use different production standards which cause a lot more emissions while producing the batteries than when working based on American or European standards.

However, another thing to keep in mind is that the prices of the batteries have dropped drastically over the last 10 years and that is a huge part of the reason why there are so many different electric cars on the market right now.

The electric car prediction right now, in regards to batteries, is that the prices are expected to fall even more in the next few years, which is much earlier than anticipated. Another thing to keep in mind is that the industry is growing pretty quickly and that means there is a lot of new development there, and both of those things will cause certain commodities to be impacted.

For example, because of the fact that China is a major player in the production of batteries, the demand for Lithium on a global level is expected to climb by a whopping 20% by 2025, while the increased demand for nickel in these batteries is actually predicted to make the prices of the batteries themselves higher.

Research by Statista.com

The emissions during production will go down

One of the biggest downsides of electric cars, and the first thing that a combustion engine lover will throw at you, is the fact that there is a belief that the production of an electric car causes so many emissions and pollution, that by the time it actually gets on the road it has already done more damage than it can repair.

However, when looking at the number, the techniques that are used as well as research, we can actually see that the emissions caused by the production of an electric car are close to, and maybe slightly higher than those of a diesel or petrol engine. However, once all of these cars hit the road, the evidence is clear and it shows that electric cars have close to zero emissions, while the same cannot be said for petrol and diesel engines.

And because the industry is changing so quickly, as we said before, the future of electric cars is now brighter than ever and the predictions are that thanks to new technology and ways of doing things, even the emissions that are happening in the production process will go down.

This may increase the prices of the batteries and the cars themselves, however this won’t be a dramatic change since electric cars are expected to really steal the thunder on the car market, so there won’t be a need for a drastic price increase.

220 Million electric cars by 2030

We already mentioned that one of the biggest issues that the Planet is faced with is global warming, and this is a huge reason as to why there is a prediction that there will be around 220 million electric cars in use by the year 2030, which is only 10 years away.

More and more people and, more importantly, governments, are making serious moves to completely change the way that we live.

This is a huge reason why this prediction can be made, and it depends on the world taking a much more aggressive approach at battling climate change than it is doing right now, which means that there will also be a chance for emissions that are planned right now to be cut as well.

The market in China is facing some problems because of the drop of the battery prices, and so they rely heavily on the government to spur more investments and to make sure that they are helping the makers of electric cars keep going. On the other hand, tightening emissions standards in Europe, as well as much higher fuel taxes, is something that will help boost electric cars to take over 23% of the market, which will greatly help with the predicted number.

With so many different vehicle options out there, it is always great to see predictions of electric cars show that more and more people are interested because this gives us hope that climate change will finally be taken seriously. If you were ever considering getting an electric car, then now is the time to do it and hopefully this article has inspired you even more to go for it.

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