How to Profitably Sell with Amazon

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Why is everyone aspiring to sell with Amazon? Is it because of its global brand reputation or do people attach their loyalty to the enormity of the marketplace? Some people think these two are the reason for giant’s massive loyalty while others think Amazon’s success has more to do with the convenience this e-commerce platform provides for its users. Either way, Amazon is a big deal, and many people are trying to sign up on the platform in the hope of making an extra buck. The question is, can one make a profit on Amazon? 

One great advantage that online entrepreneurs have is that you don’t have to go all the way by yourself. Platforms like Amazon can take up a chunk of your burden and help you thrive beyond your wildest dreams. Amazon is arguably the largest and most essential marketplaces we have today. The one-time bookseller has grown leaps and bounds to selling almost everything under the sun.

It is also an active player in the TV shows industry and movie streaming. They even produce their shows. Furthermore, Amazon sells hardware, owns physical retail stores, and they also own grocery stores

The advantages of selling on Amazon

Today we have several marketplaces which are doing well. As expected, each platform is fighting for its share of the market. Let’s look at a few advantages that you will enjoy by choosing to partner with the Amazon global marketplace.

  1. By selling on Amazon, you will take advantage of the massive traffic that trickles into this site. Did you know that the US alone drives a staggering 150 million people into the Amazon marketplace? Of course, not every one of these folks is a buyer, but you can be sure that out such large traffic, a good fraction will come searching for products in your niche.
  2. You do not have to set up your online shopping website since Amazon has already provided you with a system that can accommodate your products. Everyone who visits the marketplace can easily see your items on display.
  3. This is an established and globally trusted brand. Remember one of the most significant challenges facing upcoming online entrepreneurs is winning the trust of potential buyers. Amazon already has this trust in an overflowing measure.

How do you sell on Amazon?

Have you made up your mind to sell on Amazon? Well, it is easy! First of all, sign up as an Amazon seller. You will then have to qualify as a third party by fitting into one of the 20 categories. Some categories which attract more sellers due to their profitability are Jewelry, Baby products, Clothing, garden items, electronics, etc. Start selling your products on amazon with Shopify

As you register, you will at some point be required to pay some amount of cash as a fee for using the platform. In case you are selling, say, forty products in a month, you will have to pay $39.99 every month. And it doesn’t end there; there are additional fees for services like Amazon staff handling your items. Those selling less will only pay 99 cents for every sell besides other fees

The most convenient way to sell on here is by becoming a Fulfillment by Amazon seller or FBA. In this arrangement, Amazon does most of the hard work like shipping, delivery, and in some cases, refunds and returns and exchanges. They also worry about managing all inventories. Your work ends once you’ve dropped your items at their warehouse. FBA is a convenient model that creates more time for you to concentrate more on marketing and boost your profits.

How to remain profitable on Amazon

This point does not intend to say that doing business on Amazon is smooth all the way. For you to stay profitable, you have to keep these in mind;

Be more proactive

There is no way that you can excel by merely listing your items on Amazon and then sit back hoping that people will browse by your shop and see them. You have to boost your visibility by

  • Marketing your products on social media
  • Marketing on your blog
  • Forum Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Write a blog post that has reviews about the products in your niche. Create backlinks to your Amazon product page

Choose your niche wisely

For you to excel here, you must sell items that people are looking for. In that case, you need to be very active on social media and other news outlets to see what consumers are looking for. You may want to direct your focus on products whose demand is always high like consumer electronics, natural health, yoga, weight loss, etc. Look out for the best sellers on Amazon to determine where the profits are.

Be aware of your competitors and remain competitive

It is wise to know what weapons your enemy has for you to come out with more sophisticated ones. Get to learn what sellers in your niche are doing. What new products are they offering and how are their price tags reading? Even if you are doing well at this point, you must keep evolving with the market to remain profitable.

Maximize Profits

It is a cool idea to start with a single product, but if you long to make more money, then you have to expand your product range. Read the market carefully to see what is selling more and bring it into your store as well.

Also, position yourself to do more business during holiday seasons. Off-line retailers usually make their kill during Christmas, Easter, Christmas and such prime holidays. As an online outfit, you may want to work with occasions like Cyber Monday, etc

Double up your profit by being part of Amazon’s Associate’s program. In this case, you attach affiliate links to your products while marketing. When someone buys your items, you also earn from the referral commission.  


Selling with Amazon is a tried and tested way for upcoming online entrepreneurs to claim their space in the market. Allow these guys to do the heavy lifting for you as you slowly but surely transition into six-figure income earner.

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