Start a Sustainable Business by Selling E-books Online – Step by Step

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Before the birth of the internet, it used to be tough. You had to use a pen and paper in writing a letter. Communication was by fax or telegraph. Not forget publishing a book took centuries. But this is now history.

With the internet, came the emails and social media for communication. The book publishing also took a new turn. E-books were born. Today, you no longer have to take your book to a publisher to determine your book publication fate. Instead, you can self-publish it and start selling the e-book online.

The next question is on the how do you kick off the journey? Relax. Here are the steps to start selling eBooks online like a genius:

i.    Write a killer e-book

The first step to start selling e-books online is writing the book. As you know, you cannot start selling zero products. To write a good e-book, you need to find your area of interest. For instance, if you have experience in the financial field, you can start writing e-books on how one can manage their finances effectively. Or else, suggest to them how to plan their finances. All in all, you must select a niche you are conversant with and have a lot of experience.

ii.    Decide who are your target customer for the book

Before you move on to marketing your e-book, you need to decide your target customers. One misconception that many online and offline authors make is to think that everyone is interested in reading their books. Even though everyone is a potential customer, when writing your e-books there is a certain cluster of people you had in your mind. If you didn’t, it is now the time to decide who can benefit or need your message.

iii.    Start marketing your book

After deciding who your target customers are, now it the time to start marketing your e-book. This step is crucial when selling e-books online. You must decide the ways to use to reach the target customers and inform them about your new e-books. Some of the strategies you can use in marketing your e-books are social media, paid ads, email marketing, blog posts and leads funnels. The overall goal should be reaching your potential customer and informing them about your new e-book.

iv.    Create a sense of agency and a call to action

You have taken your message out to your target audience, and they now have the information about your book. But do you think they will buy without telling them to do so? The only thing people buy without being requested to do it is food. As such, for you to sell your e-book online, you need to include a call to action. Ask the customers to buy.

Importantly, to drive sales, you should include a sense of urgency. For instance, you can tell the potential customers that the price will go up in the next few minutes or on a certain number of e-books are remaining. Through this, you will influence their actions and make a sale.

v.    Keep promoting your e-book

Selling e-books online is not a one-day thing. It is a continuous process. For you to continue making some coins from your e-books, you must keep on promoting them. As such, you need to come up with innovative ways that will help you drive sales. For instance, you can request your customers for reviews and referrals. Also, you can develop several discounts and offers to woo more clients.

Awesome Platforms for Selling E-Books Online


Congratulation, you have penned down your first e-book. You are happy to join authors or bloggers selling e-books online. You have set goals, and you have great ambition to become the best seller.

However, you have a major setback. You do not have a website or any information about a platform you can sell your e-books online. You are now in a dilemma whether to start sending the book to your friends or sharing it with the social media groups for free.

But this is not a viable idea. You realize you have spent some cost and time in developing the content. Will you really dish out your hard work for free? Relax. You are in the right place.

Here are the five awesome platforms you can sell your e-books online:


Certainly, you have heard about Amazon. It is one of the largest and popular online shopping platforms.  From statistics, Amazon is currently the best platform for selling e-books online. The good thing about it is that you do not need to struggle to publish your books before uploading them.

The site offers a platform known as Amazon Kindle where you can do your self-publishing. Again, since most writers and bloggers use the platform to sell their e-books, you get a higher chance of making a sale compared with others.

Nevertheless, when your book is sold, you earn a royalty fee of between 35% and 70%. Also, the buyers can leave reviews about your book creating opportunities for future sales.


Another good place to start selling e-books online is Fiverr. The platform is a freelance site where you can buy online products and services. It is a good place to start out since you get a personal dashboard that you use to interact and communicate with your clients.

For you to start selling, you need to create an account on the site. Once you are done, the next step is creating a gig for each e-book you are offering.  Next, you need to market your gig to potential clients. However, Fiverr have several setbacks. First, they will deduct 20% commission on every sale you make.

Also, you have to remain active to avoid deactivation of your gigs. All in all, it is a good place to start off your e-book selling journey.


If you want to sell e-books online without stress, is the way to go. Unlike other platforms, the site takes only 5% commission on each sale. Also, you do not have to struggle with creating promos and ads campaigns as they provide you with tools to do it. Besides, you do not need to pay any fees for hosting your e-book with them. Setting up your account is free, and there are no monthly charges. Furthermore, you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

Notably, your peers and fellow bloggers can earn some coins through affiliate marketing. Isn’t this a great place for selling e-books online?


Selz is another excellent platform for selling ebooks online. The platform is more of an e-commerce solution than a site for selling e-books. Here, you enjoy almost every feature you can get from an e-commerce platform. You get a secured file transfer, discount code generation, unlimited bandwidth, to name but a few.

Also, unlike other platforms, you only pay a 2% commission on for each sale you make. Accordingly, no signing up fee is required neither are you charged any monthly fees. You also have an opportunity to share your e-books on the social media.

As well, you can view the customer analytics to determine the performance of your e-books. What else would you need?


In a word, you now have the right information to help you kick-start selling e-books online. The only thing remaining is you to set foot on the road. Good luck!

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