What are the Best Long Range Electric Cars?

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best long range electric cars

Now that the world is moving in a new direction with the purpose of fighting climate change, new steps are being taken every day to help win the fight. Getting rid of single-use plastic and cutting down on unnecessary waste has helped make a lot of progress, however, the one thing that really has the potential to fight greenhouse gas emissions and help save the planet is the electric car.

However, true car lovers have been incredibly skeptical from the very beginning, are some of them remain skeptical even now.

And while electric cars are great, we cannot deny that there are some issues with them, and the range that these cars can pass is one of the biggest ones. You cannot simply stop and refuel in a few minutes, but instead you have to wait hours to get a charge on your battery, so this is definitely something that is a problem, especially for people that travel by car a lot.

However, technology has made some great advancements and there are now cars that can pass a very impressive range.

If you want to know what are some of the best long-range electric cars, then make sure to keep reading because that is exactly what we are going to taking a look at today.

Tesla Model S

The first car that we are going to talk about is one that actually claims to have the longest range on the market right now and that is the Tesla Model S.

This increase in the range that they offer has a lot to do with changes that have been with the car’s drive units, and clearly those changes have paid off. This is an update that was rolled out this past April and it guarantees you a range of a really impressive 375 miles on one single full charge.

Something to consider here is that the Model S is probably Tesla’s most expensive model and that is because it has been standing as their luxury model for several years now, and that is thanks to the fact that it can comfortably seat five adults, it has a Supercharger network and, of course, the famous Tesla Autopilot features.

The car is also incredibly fast and can go head to head with some of the best combustion engine cars out there, and in fact, it feels like such a good car that most people won’t even realize that they are in an electric car.

Kia e-Niro

The next car that we are going to talk about is pretty revolutionary.

The claimed range is a super impressive 282 miles, however the thing that impresses us the most is the fact that this car’s range can be compared with Jaguar’s response to the electric car, and the shocking thing is the price difference.

When you look at the Jaguar and the Kia, you can easily see that there is a $30.000 difference between the two, which is incredible. This does not only make it a better investment, but it is clearly a better value for money and it is a great option for anyone that wants to drive an electric car that is an SUV, but doesn’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money or if you want to be able to travel long distances between the charges.

The power that has is quite modest, at 201bph, but when looking at the price, this really isn’t too bad, and because it is an electric car it will still be able to sprint away from a traffic light with the ease that only an electric car can bring.

When you get this car, the main model comes with a standard broad range kit, which includes cruise control as well as phone charging. There is even a Lane Follow Assist which will easily take control of the acceleration and the brakes during stop-start traffic and closely follow the car in front. As you can see, this a great example of why the future of electric cars looks good.

Mercedes Benz EQC

The next model that we are going to take a look at is the Mercedes electric car. At first glance, this may just look like a regular Benz SUV, and to be honest, this is a great thing because that is the whole point- to transition into electric cars that feel no different and perform the same, if not better, then combustion engines.

It’s not a dramatically styled car to show that it is an electric model and it is not flashy in any way, which makes for a very respectable option that even businessman would appreciate. This is a pretty heavy car, as is the case with most electric vehicles, however, we can assure you that this not a problem at all because the performance is still amazing.

Even for such a big car, it definitely packs some heat and the long range of this electric car is promised to be 259 on one single full charge, which is definitely not bad.

If you are a Mercedes Benz lover and you are looking to make a change and go greener, then this is definitely a car that you need to try out.

Image by TopGear


With so many different options of electric cars, it is crazy to think that a few years ago the hybrid was the only thing that we could work with. Nowadays, more and more car manufacturers are getting in on the game, and that has resulted in some incredible electric cars with impressive range.

We hope that you found this article helpful and that you are going to take a look at the options that we gave you above and that one of them will be the perfect fit for you.

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